NET- T Standard 3

NET-T Standard 3

Model Digital Age Work and Learning

 This standard demonstrates the knowledge that a teacher has using technology.  A teacher demonstrates his/her skills of technology in a professional way, while teaching all types of classes.  Teachers collaborate with students, co-workers, parents and peers their knowledge of current uses of technology.

I think that teacher should be up to date with technology.  Today’s digital world is overruling the older teachers’ ways and newer teachers are having better success with the students.  Although I am not very tech minded, I am trying to learn and the lingo and different ways to use technology in my PE classes.

Strengths and Weaknesses:  I personally do not have any strengths in my class with technology right now.  I am open to different ideas on how to integrate into my daily classes.  Time is my main concern and the fact that I only see the students for one semester.


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