My Restaurant Project

My Restaurant Project

Team Academy

This video was about a project based learning activity that students did at Team Academy.  The students used technology and each other to create their own restaurants.  They taught themselves about grant writing, budgeting money, decorating, health, public speaking and many other aspects that goes into creating a restraint.  The students made videos of commercials selling g their restaurant to the class.  They spoke about how they could use the skills they learned in college and how they may want to pursue a degree in technology.

This was a very motivational video to see how much they actually learned.  I was excited to see their excitement in making the restaurant “their own”.  They were proud of what they had accomplished and it showed through their work.  I hope that more teachers, including myself, can use this video as an inspiration to prove that project based learning really does work for students.  All you need is love and imagination and just let the students do the rest.


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