An Educator’s Guide to Intellectual Property

An Educator’s Guide to Intellectual Property


This article is about the copyright laws for book, movies, films, websites and many more other types of sources.  It tells of ways that you must site your works, ask for permission, and how to use the “borrowed” pieces.  It also talks about the “fair use” of copyrights.  Many teachers are protected by the fair use policy.

I think that many people today overlook the copyright laws because there is so much information out there in the world today, due to technology; they forget or don’t know how to cite it.  One thing that is really good for colleges now is the sites that you can turn your papers in to and they will tell you if it is plagiarized or not.  I personally think there are too many ways and styles to cite information that you never know which one to use unless stated. 

I really like the fact that someone’s thoughts, personal drawings, sayings and ideas are protected in the copyright laws.  Too many people like to take credit for someone else’s work without putting the time and effort into doing it themselves.  There are so many ways you can make something your own without stealing it from someone else.  People just need to use their own minds and create their own work.


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