NET – T Standard 4

Standard 4

Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

This standard talks about teaching safety with technology and respect for each others work and property.  It also teaches the cultural responsibility of being aware of what is going on all around the world using technology. Diversity of all cultures through learning with digital tools and resources.

Strengths:  I enjoy using the technology to find new games and activities for my students to learn about. I have many different nationalities in my classes and I actually am going to let them bring in some games they play from where they are from.  I think the student will enjoy this tremendously .

Weaknesses: There is not really any weakness to teaching responsibility.  The students need to know what is right and wrong.  They will not know they are doing something wrong, like not siting something, if we do not teach them technology morals.  We as teachers are here to protect our innocent children from the wild and crazy world.


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