Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning

Explained by Common Craft

This video is a short summary of what we should use in our classrooms today.  Students are not learning by memorizing facts.  They need to be learning by applying their knowledge.  Project Based Learning is based upon three main focus points: critical thinking, collaborative effort and communication.  As teachers we need to force the students to learn on their own.  Find out answers by being creative and using each other for help.  Students tend to actually learn when they have to find the answer on their own and it is not given to them by note taking and memorizing facts. 

I use this strategy a lot when I am doing team building exercises in class.  I give them the activities, and I leave it up to them for how they play and set the rules.  Each group has to agree and be able to work together and play as a team in each activity.  Sometimes, just giving choices and letting them make the rules will enhance enjoyment for exercising activities.  I plan on doing a unit where the students are the teachers and they have to teach a physical activity from another country.  This is going to make them think critically and work together  as a team so everyone can understand what they are going to teach


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