NET-T Standard 5

Standard 5

Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

This standard is about always learning new technology, improving skills, and demonstrating professionalism with technology. Teachers need to create a lifelong learning environment for their students.  Teachers also need to reflect on their personal teaching practices on a yearly basis ( or sooner) to ensure they are up to date with the latest gadgets out there. 

Strenghts:  I have found myself using and looking for new ways to use technology with PE.  At first I really had no ides that you could use it so much.  I enjoy finding out about how excited students get when you use technology in class.  I don’t think they ever knew that PE could use it too.

Weaknesses:  There are many teachers that do not want to learn and be up to date with technology and it shows from lack of excitement from the students.  If teachers are not willing to learn, our administration should take this in consideration when renewing contracts.  The world is eventually going to be technology based almost 100% and everyone needs to be on board and willing to learn.


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