Teaching In The 21st Century

Teaching In The 21st Century

Uploaded by mathipedia on Oct 24, 2010


The main point to this article is for teachers to make the lessons they are teaching more engaging for the students.  In today’s world, students are technology minded and that is what and how they want to learn.  Teaching with technology is not for the mere entertainment for the students but to get them actively involved and engaged in learning.  This will create long-term results in learning whereas the entertainment aspect is a short-term of learning.  It is reactive instead of proactive like having your students engaged in the lesson. 

Engagement is a lesson is critical for a class like PE and health.  A PE class where the students are there for the entertainment is not benefiting from what is being taught.  A PE class should be leaning toward lifelong fitness and health for our students today. Many people look at PE as just playing games and having fun will activity balls.  In my classes, I do lesson and teach social skills that they can use after school and for life.  I teach healthy habits and physical activity that they will be able to do when they are older.  Many people today were never taught life time fitness and as they get older, they no longer have any desire to go out and “play”.  There are so many technology devices now that just about every sport has an “app”, or some kind of technology device to help enhancement.  It is a fast moving pace to keep up with, but as teachers, we need to know about these  devices so we can relate and evaluate what our students are using outside the classroom.


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