Through my students eyes

Through my Students’ Eyes

Weblog of Wesley Fryer


This article is in the eyes of Wesley Fryer and his years of school and technology.  It begins with his early elementary years and works its way all the way to high school.  He speaks of what he learned each year and what technology approaches he used each year.  Each year was exciting to him until high school. The technology usage in the classroom almost diminished.  He wanted to go back to his earlier years and use it like he used to. 


I feel personally like he knew more about computers and technology in his elementary years than I know now.  He spoke of some activities that I have never heard of.  I think it is amazing what teachers are doing with the younger ages and technology.  As for me and my school, a middle school, there is a lot of technology integrated within the core classes.  We as PE teachers use I pads for certain thing like FitnessGram and taking attendance and also finding unique lessons that are not your typical PE lesson. 


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