I heard them say, love is the way

I heard them say, love is the way

by Miss Night on 11 March, 2011


 This article talks about a Kindergarten teacher who used technology with her class to talk with other students on the other side of the world.  They use Twitter to communicate.  They learn about each other’s culture, what they enjoy doing, and what they are learning.  Although their day and nights are opposite, Twitter allows them to keep in touch and keep updated.  They learn geography, animals, and nature.  They really get interested in orangutans because the Indonesia class is located beside an orangutan reserve.  The children on both sides of the world really enjoy getting to know each other and learning about each culture.

 I really like how Miss Knight shows a lot of energy and excitement about what she is doing with her class and technology.  These kids thoroughly enjoy this and are eager to learn.  I really think this is a wonderful idea if you have this technology in your classroom to do it.  It goes well with the NET-T Standard 2 for students being engaged and learning on their own with technology.  It creates a type of self motivation to learn more by yourself, given that freedom. 


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